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The Beginnings
We started this business because a simple need was presented to us. It began in 1994 by putting vinyl numbers on the back of jerseys. Next thing we knew people were asking if we could print their logo on the jersey. Then the next thing we knew people wanted t-shirts and hoodies and polos and jackets. This trend kept happening and we realized that there was a great opportunity to serve the needs of our customers. So we “officially” started Stillwater Screenprinting & Embroidery in 1995. We had a small shop and small basic equipment but it got the job done. We loved the hard work that this industry requires and have just been pursuing growth and opportunities since then. We currently operate out of about 14,000 square feet. We have 3 automatic presses, 1 manual press, several vinyl machines and a digital printer. Our embroidery team operates 40 heads of embroidery equipment. The graphics team uses the Adobe suite package. With land to expand we are continually looking for the “what’s new” item in the industry in order to keep up with demand! One of the joys of our family business is the ability to employee great people who we know care about producing quality products for our valued customers. It’s been fun seeing what was a 3 person operation grow to now 20+ team members on staff. It seems as though we are constantly looking for phenomenal team members to join this fun loving crew.
This is What They’re Saying About Us
"Thank you so much for supporting K-life, we appreciate it!"
K-life Team
"I received my jerseys and your staff was absolutely awesome to work with. I appreciate how quickly you were able to get them done, it worked out great."
Susie B.
"I love working with you guys. I have not had one complaint from my customers on your work, and your communication is excellent. I am beginning to send all of my orders to you all. I appreciate the professionalism and patience with me when I miss something."
David Keith